Friday, July 27, 2012

Useless Crocs

A hot summer afternoon in Key West with Duval Street littered with pedestrians enjoying a street fair. On my stroll I noticed a shop not previously seen by me, unsurprisingly, so in defiance of my not-a-shopper attitude I went in to see the Croc Store.

I recently got my newest pair of size 12 pink Crocs and a spare pair for 50% off, $15 each the Birkenstock store in the middle of Duval. The clerk told me she can't sell 'em so I am welcome to as many pairs as they have half off...I went into the Croc store to see if they had a more secure supply of my favorite footwear which lasts me about six months.

These two pictures I shot in the men's department and judging by the earth tones most men must plan to go hunting in their Crocs. I certainly don't. Imagine my disappointment when I looked around at all the new and improved styles of rubber footwear in fashionable molds and my basic pink pink clunkers were nowhere to be seen.

I found the pink ones eventually in the unisex department (?) and to my horror the largest size is men's size nine. My size 12 dinner plates were nowhere to be seen. Fat load of good a whole specialized Croc store is!

I do get comments about my choice of pink footwear but my theory is anyone scared of me and my sexual proclivities because I wear pink Crocs is probably too boring to be worth talking to anyway. Besides if straight men are too scared of them and gay men find them too ugly I am in the perfect position to take advantage of half priced footwear - if I can find them! That is how I hunt in Crocs, for pink footwear.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Conch, Real Men Wear Pink!!

Wannabe Conch!!

cpa3485 said...

I keep telling you I can't find them either, in my size. But then again, I don't look real hard either.
My key chain mini croc (also pink) is still with me, though.

Anonymous said...

I have two pair of camoflaged crocs that I could use for duck hunting and one pair of orange crocs that could be used for hunting deer or elk -- if I hunted. Unfortunately I can only wear them during the four or 5 months of the year when we don't have snow on the ground.

Bob from Livingston Montana

Anne said...

Upon closer inspection, it turns out the pink things I sometimes put on my feet are not Crocs, as I believed, but "Holey Soles", made in Canada. I much prefer Birkenstocks in many styles-- but have none in pink. So pseudo-crocks to the rescue when the need arises!

Conchscooter said...

I prefer Nuthingz but they are hard to find. I am amazed Canada hasn't delegated rubber shoe manufacture to the Chinese as the Most Powerful Nation On Earth has decided to do, in it's wisdom.