Saturday, August 18, 2012

Faubourg Marigny

My favorite corner of New Orleans is the Faubourg Marigny named for the original plantation owner who cultivated these city blocks.

I like this section of the city because it falls between the excessively touristy French Quarter and the excessively un-gentrified Bywater.

Marigny is cute enough to be pretty, much of it, but not too cute to make it unbearable.

There are pretty homes,

...restaurants and music venues...

...and quiet streets where people actually live.

Some residents make their houses pretty perhaps to excess,

...others retain reminders that crime is rampant in the Crescent City where the living isn't necessarily "easy."

Summer is hot, which I like even at home as heat keeps people away and New Orleans, like the Keys is better enjoyed empty.

The street surfaces suck, pot holes badly filled in make a terrible mess. I could imagine getting bounced off my motorcycle on these apologies for streets. Gotta love New Orleans!

Holy Trinity Church. This is why New Orleans looks more European than New World to many people.

Collapsing buildings remind us why poverty and corruption are synonymous with New Orleans. Especially when they are still occupied.

And right next door in this crazy town homes are spiffed and painted and as lovely as you could wish.

I still loathe those potholes.

New Orleans; a permanent paradox.

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Danette said...

what you're describing in NOLA is the perfect (or very nearly) capitalist society. There are few regulations so the corporations are run amok- jobs are sparse and they certainly don't pay enough to live in one of the pretty painted homes just up the street. Crime rampant? They will undoubtedly find a way to have private security agencies patrol certain neighborhoods.

I understand that the school system has been upended since Katrina and now the wealthy can send their kids to publicly funded Charter schools that are almost like private schools while the kids that no one wants (charter schools can turn anyone away for anything... learning disabilities, physical handicaps etc.) go to over-filled under-funded classrooms where the children are undoubtedly lucky if they can learn to read, let alone pass the federally mandated tests. Then they can close more schools down and make them into... charter schools! If New Orleans can get those streets privatized (and make them toll somehow) then the potholes will go away. Problem solved.

Conchscooter said...

A lot of working people in the keys pray ir a hurricane to wash away gentrification. I tell them disasters clear thway for increased gentrification. Just as happened in New Orleans. Charter schools are a plague here and elsewhere unhappily, and one school board member sends his own offspring to one such school.