Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Orleans Oddities

Why anyone parks a truck load of racing tires on the street like this I couldn't say.

They are quite good with their propaganda in this city of august failures and constant nagging. New day? Hmm...

Reinventing potholes - turn them into gravel pits!

Reinventing street paving- ignore it!

Reinventing architecture - leave well enough alone!

You get out of the car in these lovely old streets and the smell of piss assails your nostrils. Thanks Cheyenne, for pointing out the noxious source.

It was hot enough for the smart merchants to charge more for cold coffee than hot. I dislike iced coffee luckily for me.

I could just have bought a silly hat and a fan and paraded around the French market in proper style.

As it was we harassed the locals.

And took our ease in the shade.

In New Orleans tourists are as eccentric as they are in Key West. What's wrong with the sidewalk?

They call it the Big Easy.

I wonder why?

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RichardM said...

Oddities indeed! What is the horse head on the post in the first photo? Something to tie your horse to?

Conchscooter said...

I forgot to metnion they still have these delightful wrought iron hitching posts in New Olreans, mostly in the French Quarter.