Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer's Over, But Not In Key West

Motorcyclists Up North lament the impending departure of summer. There is a slight twinge in the air they write as they anxiously scan for yellowing leaves, a sure sign of Fall to come. We've got toms of yellowing palm fronds down here.

The water is hot off Smather's Beach so water sports close to sea level are not likely to freeze anyone's blood.

The winds this summer never quite quit like they were supposed to. It's been lovely ashore with a fresh breeze to cool things off. Up North drought wildfires and apocalypse have marked the summer of 2012.

Down here in Sodom we've had a lovely serene summer thanks. Perhaps we have finally incurred God's displeasure because now we face getting whacked by a hurricane but I'm sure we'll manage. I liked this ad on Smather's Beach where the speed limit is 30mph:

It's actually paid for by foot doctors encouraging athletes to perform better if the spend money on medical care. Some people show no signs of requiring medical treatment, they just lay out in the sun and risk melanoma.

Others need AA desperately but instead they sleep in public when it is permitted and take cover at night when it isn't, oddly enough.

Smather's Beach has it's resident bums as does Rest Beach,

...while at Higgs Bach they have allocated parking, as it were:

It has been a summer filled with tourism. The economy may be as bad as you like but they keep coming:

The heat is enough to keep the pigeons in the shade too.

I felt compelled to stop the Bonneville and the views across the water. It's hot and sticky but I would have it no other way. Dry heat means nothing to me except straw-like hair and cracked finger nails.

I parked the Bonneville near the rest rooms and remembered my camera this time. The coral rock structure is strangely open to the elements which works in it's favor as a fresh breeze though here keeps the smells sanitary.

This is the direction facing our potential hurricane in the next few days. It looks peaceful enough right now.

Fall in Key West means more people, crowds and full bike racks.

These are the proverbial dog days of summer, lovely and warm and sunny, and yellow leaves are just a sign of the palms doing their constant self renewal, not a seasonal change.

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Anonymous said...

Was reminded of ypur blog early on Thursday afternoon August 23.

Travelling on one of the many highways here in my howm city, in front of me was a Toyota Rav 4 (whatever that Rav means I'll never know). Anyhow what was unusual to me was the license plate, for the province of
Ontario "Kee West" and the bracket on the plate stated the vehicle was from Margaritaville Village.

Somebody must like being a snow bird in your city!.

Here;s the rub, Personalized plates currently in ontario are $200.00 plus 13 percent sales tax, to go up to $500.00 on September First. And the roof rack was carrying a Thule transport box for skis, I assume snow skis and not downhill skis and the Toyota had foru oversized snow tyres and operating in the summer as well..

Mike, I think there's a resident in this city who is just a wee bit overboard on Key West. Oh and there's a Jaguar V-12
cabriolet running around town with the
license plate bracket "I Love"
and then the license plate reads ""Key West""

I dunno, Mike I dunno.

Oh and your purchase of a restored Vespa and the ride back home on same shpould be very very interesting...

Too bad a certain four-legged pet can't ride with you on the return journey!

Conchscooter said...

People like Key West, they really do. Indeed they read this blog despite me trying to push their buttons by being myself.

Anonymous said...

RAV =Recreational Activity Vehicle, 4-wheel drive. Sorry, couldn't resist googling that. It was actually more fun to speculate on what RAV might have meant.

Conchscooter said...

RAVishing, dahling. What is recreational activity? Not driving surely, judging by the bored people I pass on my motorbike?

Anonymous said...

I hope this hurricane season passes you by.

Although I live in the Big Sky Country state, I can't see the mountains for the smoke from the forest fires. We can't keep our windows open as it smells like one big campfire. Not looking forward to snow (it's going to snow in Glacier Park tomorrow), but it's probably the only thing that will stop the fires and we can breathe again!

Bob from Livingston Montana