Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac Thursday Edition

The weather approaching Cuba and South Florida is a tropical storm right now expected to increase and hopefully decrease in intensity over the next few days. In the Keys the weather right now is perfect, a little muggy, but sunny and the winds are gentle. Sunday evening we will be close to contact with the hurricane/tropical storm and things will be different. No one knows how different because the big question right now is how much damage will Cuba's landmass do to the counterclockwise whirling of Isaac. Cyclones need warm water underneath them to feed their winds and when thy pass over land they lose their fuel. If Isaac hits Cuba while a low category hurricane there is a chance Cuba will wreck the rotation and we shall see winds and rain but only modest cyclone strength.

Tropical Storm Isaac is on everyone's lips now. A few minor preparations are underway as people start to clean their yards, drag out their hurricane shutters and start to figure out their evacuation plans. My wife says the school district has announced no closures yet but no one expects Monday to be anyway normal. I am expecting to be locked down the police station Sunday evening but at this point everyone is waiting to see what happens to Isaac this weekend.

It's been a while since we had a real hurricane scare, a few near misses in 2008 didn't prepare anyone for the real thing and I'm hoping Isaac will be strong enough to remind us all what hurricane season means without the collateral damage. I remember Hurricane Wilma all too well and the chaos that followed.

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Anonymous said...

It's that darn counter-clockwise rotation that'll getcha every time. For us, it shoves the Gulf up the river into the bay, whereupon everything floods. Here in Citrus, we are also keeping a wary eye out, and hoping it hits elsewhere. At the same time, seeing the latest projections of the Panhandle as landfall, I feel really bad for their possible problems.

Diana in Citrus

Conchscooter said...

As embarrassing as it is I am relieved to see others fated to get it, instead of me.