Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sunset Light

Only the need to exercise my hound dragged me out from my air conditioned couch on a ninety degree evening, snug with my book and a tumbler of iced tea.

I wasn't sure where I was going but when I saw the golden light illuminating the sky and the water I said, sod it Cheyenne, this is where we're walking.

She was amenable, as she likes fishing bridges where very often anglers drop unconsidered trifles like bait fish.

I looked out at the water glowing in the sunset.

Cheyenne ignored the boats and chased baked bait fish on the pavement. I wondered when my boat would be back in the water, with any luck running perfectly and able to carry me to private swimming holes. Hurricane Isaac has delayed launching anything this week.


The gap in the bridge isn't, just a department of transportation annoyance. It allows people with tall boats to pass under Highway One. On the other stump of the bridge people were chasing fish.

The buoys mark the no boat lane close to the houses, designed t keep the incessant ferry traffic to Little Palm Island away from the waterfront.

And then we turned to head back to the car and I saw the setting sun for the golden orb it really was.

I patted Cheyenne to thank her for dragging me off the couch.

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