Friday, October 26, 2012

Other Street Views In Key West

It's not just nekkid people on the streets these days though they get the attention.

The MGB roadster parked variously on the streets was in motion yesterday. The curious, and pleasing thing, is that it appears to be in use, not as a parade ornament, but for the banal and very necessary reason that construction material needed to get home.

I see classic motorcycles held up as paragons because they are owned and never ridden. My 1979 Vespa is close to be restored for the road I am told by Green Tree Scooters. When it gets here it will be ridden, a lot. Frank loves his white 370Z and this summer he took his first long vacation in a long time and drove the Nissan to Nebraska and back. Sometimes you just have to get off the rock.

I rented a Piaggio MP3 250 in Rome two summers ago and I discovered it is an able tool to ride cobbles and street car tracks but it is a very complicated piece of engineering. Would you pay $9,000 for a three wheeler that rides like a two wheeled scooter? Lots of people in Paris and Rome do, I am told.

I liked the imitation Mario Sanchez illustration on the cowl of this Honda Metropolitan even though the sticker strikes a dissonant chord. I keep my motorcycle plain because I shouldn't like to spoil it.

This Cushman was a plain shade of green though no Cushman is plain to devotees of the defunct brand. I grew up with Vespas but whatever the brand I'd like to see more stylish scooters in Key West, just for some thing good to look at. The plastic fantastics are fine but dull.

Then there are the three-wheelers which you'd think would litter the streets of Key West, practical wheels in a town still filled with manly full sized trucks and SUVs. This one was rare enough the occupants asn't surprised I stopped to take pictures.

I think he might have been surprised to know I saw tons of three wheelers in Italy. We used to buy fruit and veg from a traveling nor who drove a 175cc Ape three wheeler built by the same people that build Vespas.

Funnily enough it has space for a motorcycle sized license plate but it was issued a car sized plate instead. One day Florida will get with he alternative transportation future that is rushing to meet us.


Enie Dub said...

I have a Smart Car here in Ireland and my friend (to a lot of mocking) rides one of those 3 wheel scooters.

Here's a blog post about parking my Smart

Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

I love the Zap car