Saturday, October 6, 2012

Renting In Paradise

This notice appeared recently on the bulletin board at work. As happens everywhere a colleague had a lead on an opening in her building so she posted for anyone in need. In Key West it is quite common to see homes divided up into units. The configurations can be odd and space is usually limited. This offering seemed reasonable by local standards to my young colleagues who perused it.


Thirteen hundred bucks seems a lot but consider that with a $500 deposit and first and last you still need $3100 to move in before you even buy groceries or hook up utilities. Got a dog or cat for company? Too bad! Call this a reality check if you live somewhere affordable and liveable.

If it seems expensive consider the approval with which this offer was received by experienced renters, who viewed the terms as very reasonable. I live in less than 800 square feet on a quiet street with ample parking under the house but I do commute 27 miles (42 kilometers) each way which adds not only the expense of travel but the need for vehicles and their subsequent maintenance. To live in Old Town means coping with close quarters living, frequently testy neighbors, drunks and loud tourists behaving badly far from home and commuting by bicycle. Beides I actually enjoy riding Highway One so living in town doesn't suit me. At these prices, just as well.


Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

Apparently there are pirates in Key West CS, even if they are/were not the Buccaneers of old.

They seem to be the modern day landlords.

Jesting aside, it's what the market will bear based on perception, compiled with supply and demand (I think less supply and demand these days).


Conchscooter said...

The weeird thing is people get used to the prices. Some of my colleagues have been trraveling and they come home with stories of low cost living Up North. Shocking!