Sunday, October 7, 2012

Scooting The Highway

I enjoy living at Mile Marker 27, far enough out of town to be away from the crowding and confusion of Key West. But it does mean that one is dependent on Highway One, gasoline and snarl-free traffic.

My wife is practicing for a winter commute by scooter, 70 mpg and 60 miles per hour, now equipped with its new belt and rollers for smooth riding. It takes a lot of homework and books to be a teacher but from time to time she tries to travel luggage free on two wheels.

A thirty minute commute is a two wheeled pleasure for me, even though I did get a performance award from a rather severe Sheriff's Deputy last week. He thought 64 in a 55 deserved a citation. He's probably right as I find speed limits tedious limitations designed for people who text while driving. I like to pay attention to the road, however I was. Distracted enough not to notice the silver Charger armed with radar and minuscule light bars.

As my wife pointed out had I been riding my Iowa Vespa the problem wouldn't have arisen. She doesn't get tickets on two wheels, but she doesn't ride a Bonneville.

Peak Oil will force changes as time goes by but I. Doubt most people will stoop to riding two wheels to cope with an energy deprived world.

Even if two wheels are better than four.


Anonymous said...

I recently avoided a similar performance award - instead of a citation I was given a hand written note on the back of the officer's business card. Just lucky I guess...

Anonymous said...

"I did get a performance award from a rather severe Sheriff's Deputy last week."

Is there is no "professional courtesy" between KWPD and the Sherrif's Dept?


Conchscooter said...

I was late for ork and didn't spot the unmarked dodge charger. He said I blew right past him, which if he was dawdling.,. Would be true.
Besides I don't think the deputy wanted to go on a date with me. Mo handwritten notes, just a printed certificate.

Garythetourist said...

Hi Michael,
A couple of weeks ago I swerved my car to avoid another car and ended up plummeting over a creek embankment, flying 15 feet horizontally and dropping 10 vertical feet. My truck landed nose first in the creek bed and I sustained a broken back (fractured L-1 vertebra) and have been flat on my back ever since. Being flat on my back gives me time to catch up on you blog. Just before my accident my wife and I had taken my youngest daughter to St. Louis to tour Washington University. In the middle of that beautiful college campus, strangely enough, sits an odd statue of a long-eared rabbit sitting on a squished ball. The tour guide pointed it out (as if that was a necessary thing to do)and mentioned that there was an identical one somewhere else in the country. I, after noting its oddity, promptly put it out of mind. It remained out of my mind until my flat-on-my-backness forced me to catch up on your blog and there, to my astonishment, was a picture of the identical rabbit (your blog, Sept.27)taken very near the same date that I had viewed its twin. If one considers this long enough, I'm sure a fascinating conspiracy will emerge.
Gary (thetourist)
Here is a link to the ST.Louis shot:

Garythetourist said...

typo: Obviously that should have said a "fascinating conspiracy THEORY will emerge."

Conchscooter said...

Dear Gary:
get a motorcycle its safer.
The rabbit looked weird in Des Moines, perhaps it looked less weird in washington, where if its any consolation, I think the slowest drivers in the world live. Your kid shoudl be safe there.