Friday, November 2, 2012

Consumerism Gone Mad - Again!

It may be that these kinds of display cases are to be seen all over the country offering freshly (really?) cooked food for...dogs. I mean really. What. The. Fuck? When they arrive here, south of reality I am forced to wonder whatever can they come up with next that will drive me off the deep end. I keep thinking I am inured to the madness of consumerism but today I popped into Winn Dixie on Big Pine to pick up a packet of milk safely packaged in food grade tetra packaging pasteurized for my safety (and convenience) and only almost four bucks for the organic model, when I stumbled across this embarrassment to the entire human race and our ostensible purpose in life, said to be reproduction.

Let's think about this for a minute and ponder the madness. We Americans spend billions on our companion animals and buying enslaved puppies from puppy mills is huge business so middle class well nourished people can the purchase the exact right dog with the exact right pedigree to display their discernment and good taste and wealth. Then we spend billions more spoiling them. Meanwhile we support growing food for fuel, buying third world farmland to grow our favorite foods while the former land owners who are actual human beings (albeit dark skinned foreigners) starve and usually this sort of madness is easy to mask by ignoring the whole mess and watching TV. I "save" a dog from the pound, I feed her mass produced dog food made from god-knows-what and walk the shit out of her to help work off my own share of mass produced food grade rubbish that has settled on my middle class midriff. Seeing this display case just reminds me how crazy this whole wide world really is. Thank you so much Winn Dixie for making it impossible for me to avoid seeing once again with a fresh perspective how utterly inexplicable life really is. What a fantastic mystery ride is this existence. Freshly prepared dog food. Had someone suggested that to me as a business plan I'd have choked on my processed packaged human food lunch and laughed them out of the house. Once again proving beyond a shadow of a doubt I know nothing about anything.


Anonymous said...

My inlaws drove 50 miles to several Shop-Rite stores to get this stuff for their cat.I agree with you...crazy. Scooter Vic

Conchscooter said...

It is impossible to know what to think. I'd have ahard time explaining Cheyenne's lvel of luxury living to a Somali mother.