Friday, November 2, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Fights Riepe

The gargantuan Death struggle underway between Jack Riepe and the wreckage of Hurricane Sandy on the New Jersey coast continues. His pork chops have defrosted and gone off but he has caught two very lost wild Key West chickens that wandered into his house and are now headed for the pot. The only other injury reported is a falling toilet seat that hit Jack on the back of the neck as he was refreshing himself with a drink of running water. This photo is to cheer the lost scribe of Tom's River.

Keep ordering his new book Conversations with a Motorcycle from his Twisted Roads Website to keep him fighting the good fight. It's a great read especially if you are without electricity and reading by candlelight. No chocolate cupcakes have arrived yet to relieve the tedium of plucking chickens but reportedly his bosom buddy in Vancouver Canada where the Economic Depression has yet to strike, has a care package on the way. Contact Wet Coast Scootin' for ideas of what to send to help Jack.


Unknown said...

Mr Conchscooter:

I'm afraid that I have eaten all of those delicious chocolate cup cakes so keep them coming, soon some of them may make it into the Tom's River, NJ ration package

I'm still waiting for Jack's PayPal technicalities to be ironed out before I receive my own copies of "Conversations with a Motorcycle"

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Conchscooter said...

He is an appalling rake. I suspect he is making up all the damage stories using his experience as a hired flak to cover his book mailing lassitude.brought on by too much social intercourse.