Monday, December 3, 2012

Cheyenne And The Ham

Take ole yaller for a walk through old town and most of the time nothing much happens. She and I get along well enough I don't even bother with a leash in areas of low traffic. Here she is on Fleming in front of the library yesterday evening.

Then she veered rapidly off course. One minute she was dragging her elderly ass at the end of a long meandering walk, the next minute she was awake alert and a puppy. The dude in the orange made the mistake of opening the trunk of his Toyota just as the nose driven Yellow Lab strolled by. He had a nice big ham badly wrapped under tin foil. She knew. "Nice dog," he remarked appreciatively at the imploring face.

He had no mercy, giggling insanely he took off across the street to his dinner party. He needs to go to the pound and get a dog with his disposition. I am hopeless because faced with her big brown eyes I yield every time. She gets what she wants. Had she a little finger I'd be wrapped around it.


Anonymous said...

"Had she a little finger I'd be wrapped around it."

And how do you know she hasn't???

Conchscooter said...

You have a point.