Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Golden Morning

I didn't have to filter the pictures to get this incredible golden glow. I chose to take Cheyenne for a walk on an old Flagler footbridge near my home and the sun obliged by rising at the same time and making me feel like a million dollars.

The hundred year old railroad bridges are quite solid but these days they are reserved for bicycles and pedestrians and many of them have been refurbished to form part of the cycling heritage trail the length of the islands. Anglers use them and abandon bait fish to bake in the sun. Cheynne thanks them.

Commuters use the "new" main road built in 1982 which means I get to watch them rush by to daytime jobs while I, who just finished my overnight shift have the day to myself.

Some people like their mountains and I agree they have their place, but this scenery isn't too bad either. I know that because this time of year visitors tend to slow down more than usual as they cross the open water bridges. I can only imagine they are gawping at the water.

People baffle me. This old dude stepped onto the bridge and started stepping sideways, staring down at his feet as he placed them sideways, one next to the other, crabbing his way along the bridge, carefully following the white line. He passed me without a word, his skin parchment brown with a big peaked baseball cap and clear plastic rims on his round glasses, he reminded me of Sir Francis Chichester, the yachtsman of a bygone era. He got to the end of the bridge and started mincing back towards us one sideways step at a time. It's true what they say about the lack of dignity in old age and the struggle not to yield to it. I take my exercise indoors out of public view.

It looks like sunset but it was sunrise. All missed by the man walking sideways.

Perhaps tomorrow he will look up from his feet.


CSM Mac said...

Conchscooter: The gentelman was just doing what the doctor told him to do. It is a great exercise for the older folks. It help to improve your balance. You have to have a well defined line for an extended distance. 100 feet plus. Try it sometime moving right than left and backwards staying on the line than do it by crossing your feet right to left and then left to right. It is a good workout and again, for improving your balance as you get older and I am there.


Martha Tenney said...

I figured he was doing a balance exercise and not some daffy measuring activity.

But I like your post, lovely photos, and I think he should stop, stand on one foot while looking at the sunrise, then change to the other foot while looking at the sunrise, then continue. Sounds right to me...