Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sump Magazine

I came across a website I rather liked relating to the esoteric subject of elderly British motorcycles. It reeks of old engines and oil and stubborn old cranks doing what they love. Thus the opening page of has this rather eccentric opening message. I find it endearing when compared to the aggravating appeals from slicker websites. I appreciate the ability not to take oneself  too seriously.

 We could spend a lot of time telling you what we are, and what we're not, and where we're going, and where we've been. Etc. But what would be the point? You'd only go and press one or more of the buttons (above or below) and you'd find out anyway—and without all the propaganda.

So we'll pretty much leave you to it. But before we go, we've got to put a few keywords on this page to keep Google happy (they whinged at us recently because all we had was a big Sump logo device on a black background, and they felt it was a bit thin). We told them that—hey!—that was how we liked it.

Big and bold. But did they listen? They did not. So we've now got to mention words like Triumph, Norton, BSA, Royal Enfield, Vincent, Ariel, Panther, Douglas, Brough, Greeves, AJS, Matchless, Villiers, Francis Barnett, Cotton, Norman, Scott, Rudge, Velocette, Sunbeam, James, Excelsior, Villiers, and so on, and so forth.

We've also got to mention things like classic bikes, and motorcycling, and British, and motorcycle news and shows and events and autojumbles and stuff like that. It's all pretty tiresome, but in this life, you're always dancing to someone's tune. Are we right?

Anyway, we've done it now and Google has given us the thumbs up, so we're signing off. We've got a lot to do, and bikes to ride, and places to go, and beer to drink and women to ... well, you know how it goes. Hope you like what we have and get something from it.
If not, you'll just have to look elsewhere. —Sump

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