Monday, March 18, 2013

A Wrench In The Works

It has been Republican party policy since the sainted Ronald Reagan's  presidency that government programs useful to Americans should be unfunded, rendered incapable of operating effectively, then declared useless and abolished. The weird part about this plan is that people who will be negatively affected by such cuts support the wrecking of government programs. Why? Because the propaganda is so effective. It amazes me how my fellow citizens, indebted to their eyeballs and thus nowhere near "free", fall over themselves to rush out and support the destruction of decent paying union jobs, pensions, health care programs, childcare, schools, parks, utility infrastructure and even prisons, all in the name of "freedom."  It has been a brilliant Big Lie put about by the master propagandists of the right and they have done very well protecting the interests of the one percent.
So when I find  a nice  piece of artistic humor offering a different view I cannot resist, not least in the hope that perceptions may be changing. This from Santa Cruz cartoonist Tim Egan's brilliant mind: 


Martha Tenney said...

I think it's the "Socialism" bug that took hold.

Personally, I think Christians need to look to their Socialist-in-Chief Jesus to refresh themselves.

Conchscooter said...

The idea of looking after the least among us is a bit lost in the fuzzy christian new think that money is a reward for being a capable christian. when i was a kid we were told " blessed are the poor..." Not anymore apparently.