Tuesday, March 19, 2013

West Summerland Key

I love this spot. They've taken to callIng it Scout Key for the Wesumkee Camp on the island. Wesumkee is derived from West Summerland Key which is the real name of this island. Why it lies to the east of Summerland Key no one knows but submerging eccentricity is a shame. Let them call it Scout Key, I shan't for I like this place too much.

Just east of here lies Bahia Honda State Park which is more than a beach, it's also an historic site. However this side of the deep bay (Bahia Honda) lies a little bit of history too. The World War Two water pipe, the first utility connection to the mainland used to supply the wartime military in Key West:

Dead seaweed tends to wash up here of course but Cheyenne, the world's only non swimming Labrador, enjoys a dunk, seaweed or no:

I prefer nature's art to the art of industrialized waste production. There aren't enough trash cans apparently to encourage visitors to do the right thing and trash cans are everywhere here in this informal park space.

The other thing I like about this place is the fact that it is a hill, the only such slope in the Lower Keys.

I remember well our last trip to Puerto Rico, parking the car and stepping out onto a hillside and looking east toward the Virgin Islands. I looked out across the water and suddenly I noticed how impossible such a view is in the Keys. Looking down is a rare privilege.

There it is again, that uphill slope. This time seen through the frame of an old window in an elderly stone pump house along that old rotting water pipe.

The pump house now is a shell, a few wooden shelves built into the wall, piles of shit, crude graffiti, all the usual debris of a society with no stake in the outcome.

Yes indeed, I love this spot.

The old road was built on the rialroad bed in 1938 and abandoned in 1982 when the new highway was opened. The top of the hill used to be the jumping off point for the intricate Bahia Honda Railroad Bridge.

The state bought the railway after a hurricane wrecked the poverty stricken rail line and in a love impossible to imagine in these mentally retarded anti government times, the state built a road.

On the old road with my Vespa it took me five hours to drive to Homestead from Key West. The new road cuts that time in half if I am determined to get there...


We like hanging out together my dog and I. This is a good spot to do it, early on a Sunday morning when everyone else is on their knees or nursing a hang over, depending on which altar they worship at on a weekend.

It's a good spot to visit from time to time. The only hill in the Lower Keys.



Enie Dub said...

Just wondering did you pick up the rubbish after you photographed it?

Martha Tenney said...

Thank you for saying "AN historic".

Human beings are a failed species.

I can almost feel being in that same quiet warm sunny spot right now. Almost.

Shonassie said...


I missed you by a few hours. Was out there myself Sunday afternoon! Wasn't it a beautiful day?? Much better than the snow I left. This week is going by too fast already!Not really liking the Spring Break crowd, never been here this early, probably won't make that mistake again! LOL!!! Still thinking of doing a ride along, but maybe the officers have their hands full right now with the party crowd? St Pats day was a zoo. Glad I got up-island for a while. Let me know if you want to meet up for a walk & talk or something. No pressure, I know it's really not your thing. Take care, enjoy this weather, I know you do!! LOL!!!! Sherry

Anonymous said...

You've got it all down there! Hills without snow, great weather and great speakers like my favorite Wash. Post columnist Eugene Robinson will be speaking at the Studios of Key West (See today's Citizen for more details).

We had snow thunder and lightning the other day. Would rather have the tropical version though.

Bob from Livingston Montana

Conchscooter said...

I am not much inclined to pick up after other adults. Sometimes it gets to me but I am obsessive and once I start I find it hard to stop. A bit like this blog...

Conchscooter said...

Shonassie: enjoy everything.

Shonassie said...

Thanks! I did very much! Tried to do a ride along twice, shot down both times, but it was nice to hear your voice even if it was only through the pick-up phone at the front door. My daughter and I had a long talk with Officer Betz downtown. She is really thinking about applying for a job after her talk with him. We met a really nice "conch" on the White St pier Thursday night who offered to help her find a place to live if she moved down and introduced her to a wedding photographer who was looking for a videographer (what she is going to college for) to work with her. She is so excited it was hard to live with her that night! LOL!! Was a better ending as she was pouting very much about the denied ride-a-long. I told her everything happens for a reason. Great talk with the conch though. Doug gave me some great stories about life in the Keys during the Cuban missle crisis and some other times. He had great stories from his time in the Coast Guard as well. I think my daughter and I had a much better time than our friends did on the Duval crawl, at least we have stories we can remember and no headache the next day! LOL!!! Take care, enjoy your time in the Outer Banks. It's on my bucket list if I can stay out of the Keys. I have an Aunt in Wilmington, NC, I may have to take her up on her invite for a visit soon! Safe travels to you! Sherry

Conchscooter said...

Why didn't you tell me who you were? Jeez. I'd have got you a ride. I can't get your daughter a job but a ride? Bloody silly. Never mind. At leat you could have come up. Next time please.

Shonassie said...

LOL!! I guess I was just trying to respect your space and privacy at work. Would hate to intrude on someone where they had no choice or ability to get away! She would have to earn the job on her own merit if she decided to pursue. I was talking to Ofcr Betz about my time as a dispatcher in MI and he suggested we both apply as the department was always shorthanded. He said a mother-daughter dispatch team would be "cool"! That was when she got the idea, why not? I have been tempted for years, as you know I bugged you about it when I lost my job here, but it's still not the time for me. Maybe in a few years, or maybe not, only time will tell. When we come again, I will try to ride and maybe take you up on your help if they shoot me down. I can hardly blame them though, it was busy last week and after the spring break crowd, everyone in town seemed more than a bit cranky. Who would want to entertain more tourists! LOL!! Have fun at the outer banks, hope you get to see the ponies at Ocracoke! Sherry