Saturday, April 13, 2013

Black And White And Color

I am really trying not to overdo the black and white thing, not least because I myself like color pictures. Be that as it may I am learning to appreciate the different view one gets of Key West when the city is seen in shades of gray.

I look back at old pictures of Key West Key West Historical Photos: Historical Fine Art Prints Offered for Sale for instance, among many sites, and when I look at my own pictures the past seems easily reproduced with my puny modern pocket camera. I think Key West was a much dustier town in those days, smaller in size before New Town was built after World War Two. Then I came across this 1967 Land Rover which happens to be for sale. The view from the back reminded me of journeys I took in this exact type of vehicle with my father who owned land in Scotland and liked to drive across the foggy rainy heather covered mountains in an unstoppable all terrain vehicle. I recall it was bouncy and adventurous picking our way on rocky goat tracks miles from anywhere. Not exactly a Land Rover's life in the Southernmost City. Not that I have any reason to buy this machine, either, in case you were wondering, all steel plate and Naugahyde...very butch I'm sure.

Back to the streets and the stark crisp look of Key West under the sun yet free of pigment.



When I got home I was greeted by a stormy sunset and to take that picture in black and white would have been absurd.

She is too full of character to look right in anything less than blazing color...

Have a good weekend, even while I work.


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Enie Dub said...

I don't think I will ever tire of looking at images of Key West!

I'll get to take my own pictures when i am there in June.

bayrider said...

Black and white can be very prejudicial to our eyes, making some eras misleadingly dull. These recently released color photos from the depression years brought a whole new sense of life to the dull, drab, beaten down looking people I had been seeing all my life in B+W photos. The Depression looks a lot less depressing in color! Those sacky dresses were a little more vibrant than they appeared.

Trish R said...

All the pics are good! Never tire of looking at them.