Friday, April 26, 2013

Cloudy Conch Republic

Conch Republic Days are underway and are supposed to culminate this weekend in a sea battle between the Conch Republic navy and the US Coastguard. The US always loses in the water cannon versus Cuban bread artillery duel a d everyone repairs to drink cheap beer at Schooner Wharf Bar. However it seems this year the mandatory budget cuts in Washington are forcing the Coastguard to bow out of this event as the battle has been sequestered to death. Ironically the war is being won in the budget arena, by default.

I took tHis picture of the summer cloud patterns that tend to form over the islands on Tuesday when I was in Key Largo. Driving along with Cheyenne. Snoring in the back of the car, I noticed the clouds lining up over the narrow strip of land that is the Florida Keys. I believe the heated air over the warmed waters of the Gulf Stream has something to do with it, and the creation of warmer daytime air over the land mass. So you know where the Keys are by following the cloud pattern...

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Martha Tenney said...

Interesting clouds, how they follow the land.