Sunday, April 21, 2013

Clubbing on Stock Island

It's starting to look good for ocean swimming so my wife and I have been gingerly prepping our 14 foot center console boat to get it out of winter mothballs and ready for swimming duty. While that project develops we are still going swimming at our favorite heated pool at the Key West Harbor Yacht Club, on Stock Island.

This place used to be the grimy but useful Peninsular Marine, where we'd bring our sailboat for haul outs from time to time. The gravel, mixed in with liberal coatings of ground off toxic bottom pant has gone, covered by asphalt and brick paving. Te rue some offices and even more unwholesome toilets, reminiscent of a Turkish jail are gone replaced by a super gentrified clubhouse with sauna, gym, restaurant and bar. I'd like a range of decent modern craft beers but Yuengling will do in a pinch.

Kathy had herself a glass of red wine, while Carol, on the right, stuck with white. My wife favors Mojitos around here and after our strenuous swim, sort of, we ordered lobster pasta, salad and duck breast. And lots of conversation, on the outdoor patio.

it was busy even though snowbirds have been streaming North. This here Yacht Club has nothing to do with the Key West Yacht Club on North Roosevelt, a bastion of Conch power, much disliked because the city rents them their waterfront space for a dollar a year. We should all be so lucky!

Coming here is like taking a small vacation from Key West, a paradox I know for people who consider the city a destination in and of itself. But when you live here this is a nice change of pace, cheerful service, crisp linens, nice views and nowhere to be and nothing to do. Ah!

Gentrification has its benefits.


Martha Tenney said...

"Ah!" is right! Summer here will ease my pain and envy (as will the time and thought stealing two jobs), but right now I see someone bundled up in winter garb walking their dog outside my window. We are around 11 degrees off the "norm" and everyone is feeling every bit of it.

Conchscooter said...

I loathe seasons.

East Egg Bill said...

Oh how I could enjoy a beer there right now.

I don't understand something, here in NY we put our boats away for the winter because of ice and freezing weather. For the life of me I have never heard of ice in the Keys with the exception in a cold drink. So why put the boat into winter mothballs in the first place?

Anonymous said...

3 inches of snow and 20 degrees in SW Montana, a typical Montana April day.

Bob from Livington Montana