Thursday, May 2, 2013

Jet Skis On Duval

My colleague Keith said he got tired of rain dripping through the ceiling fan of his Key West priced rental apartment in Old Town and he went out to get lunch on his day off. Too bad he didn't have a boat to get down Duval Street like his better equipped neighbors. He said he saw jet skiers further up Duval Street, there was that much water.

Actually these kinds of pictures are pretty normal for summer in the Lower Keys, when heavy thunderstorms blow through town and flooding is unfortunately a way of life. It doesn't take a hurricane to flood these streets and rain puddling is part of the reason why North Roosevelt Boulevard is all torn up. But today the rain has been ferocious, and insistent. My wife works next to the Petting Zoo on Stock Island and she found one local who was having a good time in the downpour. Mind you, when you've been neglected and mistreated as these animals have been, every day is a great day in the care of the Sheriff's Department Farmer Jeanne. Odd but true, the Sheriff gives these animals a home.

Too bad the jeep is out of action. This picture from just outside Key West is from a colleague of mine who was planning on coming in to work tonight, if her little Toyota doesn't flood. The flood advisory indicates up to four inches of rain may fall today. It feels like the heavens have pretty much disgorged every tear God has to shed today, already.

I road into town this morning for a training class at work, after I walked Cheyenne. It was overcast and there was rain in the forecast.during the ninety minute class we heard thunder and when I came out the skies had opened. No problem I got into my waterproofs and took off. Streets that have a tendency to flood were filled with water but the Inneville took them like a champ. I rode through intersections that car drivers were afraid to ford but there wasn't really a problem on my motorcycle. Waterfalls on canals aren't normal where Kristi lives. She sent me a picture to prove it. There really has been a lot of rain.

I'm working tonight so it will be another ride in under black skies, gusting winds and some highway adventure. Dress well leave early and enjoy the fun because every day is a good day to ride. The good news is that the drought is over and we haven't lost electricity in these wind gusts to 40 mph. Life is good, really.


RichardM said...

So, you say this kind of flooding is normal when you get heavy rains? Amazing!

Conchscooter said...

That is why they are tearing up the main road into town. It floods all the time. The city is dotted with vertical shafts that are supposed to hold the water and let it drain out to the ocean after it is filtered in the shaft. However the water table is so high flooding happens all the time with heavy rain and even high tides sometimes. At least I dont need nails in my motorcycle tires!

Danette said...

I wish it would rain here... it snowed yesterday and we woke up to temps in at 19 degrees last night. Freakishly cold even for Colorado at this time of year. Anyone who isn't willing to admit that the climate is turning on us is in denial.

Conchscooter said...

climate is crazy