Thursday, May 2, 2013

Loose In The Lower Keys

 It was a windy day but the tenting went ahead. I was impressed, up it went in Bristol fashion and came down again as swiftly and efficiently. No Keys Disease there 
 Cheyenne has been reluctant in the summer heat to walk much in the woods so I end up taking rather dreary strolls in urban environments with more smells the better. On the other hand trailing around behind Cheyenne gives me a chance to get to know better those stores I would otherwise never notice. I am an appallingly incompetent shopper, but alliteration does appeal to me.
 Considering how ad-free my blog is I have to confess I am sick and tired of ads pervading the rest of my life. They are everywhere trying to put the fear of smelling bad, looking stupid or missing out on some great "opportunity" upon us all. Check out this poor afflicted car:
 A solar powered home for less than $400,000! Quick before it sells...
 Then there are silly slogans. I used to drive a tractor trailer rig around San Francisco where the slogan was something about caring or quality or some clap trap I can't recall. "The Real Deal" seems equally silly and impenetrable. I mean when you think about it what does that actually mean?
I am probably over thinking it.  Looking at the heritage Trail Bike Path under construction across the Lower Keys one wonders how they finally managed to pull it together. It is going to be quite the achievement, not least because they seem to be installing the new sewage pipes underneath the trial as they go. The bad news is the Legislature rejected a request for fifty million dollars to help pay for the $200 million project. Promises not fulfilled, of course. 
Florida's State Legislature is but a part time affair, meeting for only a few months in the winter in Tallahassee. It sounds crazy to me considering this is a state of twenty or more million people...But for most of the year the Governor and half a dozen Cabinet members rule the state by themselves. This year the lawmakers are rejecting Obama's Affordable Health care initiative and thus putting at risk of no improvement some half million Florida children who lack health coverage and more than a million adults. Way to go!
 Uninsured Americans raise costs and don't get preventative care. Oh well, who cares? Most of them are brown or black or poor, nowadays rapidly becoming the permanent underclass. I got mine and Ayn Rand would approve of such indifference to suffering.
 Meanwhile back in my middle class limousine with the air blasting I took a quick look down Key Deer Boulevard on Big Pine. My dog was reluctant to get out and go for a walk on the Jack Watson Trail in the Key Deer Refuge so  after pausing a while to check the status of the trees burned an uncontrolled fire last year we got back on the long straight road across the back of Big Pine Key.
 The back of the stores at Key Deer Plaza is Cheyenne's preferred milieu in the heat of summer.
 It is also preferred by wild chickens too. I guess my dog has good taste. Its just me that prefers a little bit of wilderness.

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