Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tropical Storm Dorian

It became an orange spot off the coast of Africa, denoting a reasonable chance of storm formation, and now Tropical Storm Dorian, as the spot is formally known, is headed toward the northeast corner of the Caribbean...but massive development is not yet on the cards, they tell us. Some forecasters think Dorian may weaken irretrievably from its current 50mph spinning speed but the National Hurricane Center in Miami isn't so sure about that. At the moment its far too far away to know anything much but next week things will be clearer. I'd like a quick bout of rain to save me watering and a return to hot sun and blue skies, thank you.

As  of Saturday morning the National Hurricane Center indicated the storm is  dissipating and should soon turn back inot  a tropical wave of wind and rain of manageable proportions. Good news all round. 

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