Saturday, October 26, 2013

Upper Duval

It was a lovely dawn the other day all overcast and ready for rain that never did appear. The second cold front of winter lowered temperatures enough that it almost felt cool even though it was actually 76 degrees by the thermometer.

The palms were waving wildly in the north wind. They call the trees palms I am reliably informed because when they wave in the breeze they resemble human hands with fingers splayed. Possibly. Maybe. It doesn't compute for me but I was never accused of being over endowed with wild imagination...

I love this sign below, "Modernly Equipped." As ungrammatical as it is it also has a certain 19th century tone to it. I imagine maidservants running to and for with buckets of hot bath water and livery servants curry combing horses in back while dim electric bulbs glow in the hallway. Modernly equipped indeed. Wireless Fidelity? Wha' that?

This guy was working hard practicing his levitation. I hadn't the heart to tell him it was unlikely to manifest. He looked at me as though I were weird simply walking a dog. My pink Crocs have worn out and I am temporarily shod in black so that wasn't it. He kept skipping and hopping.

It used to be the Cuban Club and now it is in name but it's not reserved for Cubans, just anyone with cash who wants to sleep under the distinctive roof line. Key West Cuban Club

A spare coconut is not to be sniffed at. They charge dollars for these things with a straw in them sold as a drink. My supply has been reduced by quite a bit since we had to cut down the tree that sat over the septic tank blocking it. However there are more coconuts in my life than I shall ever have to pay for. It's all in the image I guess. By a coconut, be in the tropics.

Fantasy Fest week is a bit like a hurricane, in as much as when you are living this week of anticipation of madness, as when you wait for a hurricane to make landfall, the daily business of living Clem's as a bit of a surprise. The rest of the country isn't taking off its clothes and I dare say there are quite a few million Americans who are completely unaware of te rules of ody painting in the Fantasy Zone, yetfr those of us caught up in the to-ing and for-ing of semi dressed crowds it comes as a bit of surprise to see the mail continuing t be delivered and parking tickets to be issued and termite tents being erected and all that stuff. It feels as though the rules of daily life should e suspended. Certainly they aren't stopping work at the Count Social Service offices in the Gato Building:

When hurricanes threaten shut downs are scheduled and trailer dwellers are advised to evacuate. This lot won't need to worry about that. The Diocese of the Minor Basilica of St Mary's sold the park to a developer amid profuse promises that thepower would be taken care of. Apparently that promise got a bit lost in the shuffle of the pieces of silver and these families will be out on their ears soon enough. Brother's keeper? Say what?

I am my dog's keeper and if she wants to traipse endlessly up Olivia Street,

...who am I to say no?


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