Friday, October 25, 2013

Fantasy Fest 2013 - Friday Afternoon Naked Ladies

Waiting for the local's parade, officially the Masquerade March I went to Duval and Greene this afternoon, the epicenter of the week's madness. If nudity offends I hope you have already looked away I wrote a long title to this essay to be clear on that subject. The pictures I hope speak for themselves.

Michael Beaudet the palm weaver is back from two years in Hawaii, today with his biggus dickus.

"Get me to the chapel..."

Too hot for you? Get some ice...

Super heroes...
...and their super heroines ( I thought they were gay at first but he put me it were).

Sometimes you just gotta take a break.

Cindy asked about Cheyenne...
She doesn't like crowds but she likes our bed. Good girl.
Locals parade pictures wil come later, of course.

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