Saturday, November 30, 2013

Onlywood Revisted

It was a lovely summer day in November and my wife and I had finished our business just at lunch time so when my wife said she didn't want to make any choices I chose. I enjoyed Onlywood so much last time with George I figured my wife deserved a shot at this real Italian food.
They have this funky four sided gazebo bar thing in the middle of the room and you can eat there too if you want but it was warm enough outside our waiter directed us to a table underneath the fan at our request. He pegged that right and we enjoyed the cool breeze through lunch, with started with a bread basket and olive oil and vinegar.

After the bread basket we shared a plate of shellfish, classic Italian mussels and clams in a salty lightly tomato flavored broth. I really liked how they served this dish first bringing us a bowl with a fork and spoon so when the shellfish came we used the bowl for the shells. It was simple and elegant and the appetizer was perfect. Much enjoyed.

The restaurant isn't huge but the windows open on the garden so hardy visitors can sit outdoors and bake. And wilting indoor diners can enjoy some natural light. I can moly imagine how pretty the garden is under a full winter moon on a cool January evening.

The second course was a shared pizza and I enjoyed the one George ordered so I figured my wife might like the four pork pizza, with ...four different meats. The drink pictured was iced tea which glass was replaced as fast as I emptied it.

A group of French diners were enjoying their lunch and they were going the full nine yards with all courses. We skipped the rather interesting desserts but I think a nice ice cream cassata might be an excellent way to end a meal here.

The pizza comes from a wood oven in the corner of the restaurant and in proper modern Italian style the crust is thin but pliable and the toppings aren't thick enough to create a pool of melted grease.

Training a new cook the owner was busy with a heat sensor explaining the fine art of enough but not too much heat on the baking pizza.

We enjoyed our meal but we couldn't finish theists which my wife generously ordered boxed and I took the last slice to work. We also ate the pizza Italian style with a knife and fork, in civilized fashion.

A solo meal would be great at the bar.

I am really enjoying Onlywood, good value decent food and real Italian cooking. If you want to see how modern Italians eat out check this place. It's growing on me and I can't help it. Oh and we paid $36 for the food and my bottomless iced tea, tax and tip.




George Collins said...

Mmmmmmmm--I'm jealous! If only they could deliver to Prague! Cheers, George

Conchscooter said...

It's still good.