Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Rain Won't Stop Play

They tell us rain from the tropical depressions in the Gulf of Mexico will peter out Friday evening before the locals' parade starts and dry windy weather will continue into Saturday evening with cooler temperatures and no humidity as a cold front takes over. Should be nice but so far... Everything is damp and dark and gray and moldy.

With all the overtime my wife and I pass like ships in the night so I went to Marathon for her lunch break where we walked Cheyenne in the drizzle. This landmark on the Overseas Highway is to be replaced by a restaurant. My wife remembers shopping here when we lived briefly on our boat in Boot Key Harbor. I have no memory of the place, as usual.

Cheyenne was clearly dissatisfied with the short walk program so as we drove home filled with cheap Middle Keys gas ($3:10 gallon) I figured she needed a booster walk.

This weather is crap. Bahia Honda looks gross in this mess.

More on the way.

My cunning plan involved a stop at Big Pine's Bark Park, a place where I could shelter under trees and Cheyenne could root around in the rain. Mosquito Control was out patrolling no matter the weather. I am very fond of their white trucks making outdoor life bearable.

Someone abandoned their pink Croc here. Foolish child, Crocs are special.

Undeterred she sploshed off through the submerged playing field.

I read my Kindle under my umbrella. Life in the Keys under endless rain clouds, in the slow lane.


At home I wonder what she's thinking perhaps bored, grateful, tired, happy. She's giving nothing away. Rain can't stop play. Not for a Labrador.


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