Monday, January 26, 2015

Podcasts Update #2

I have practiced my interview materials, I have spoken with the engineer and set up the equipment and I hope to get the interviews done sooner rather than later, by mid-February with any luck. Our website is up though not ready for prime time yet and this next week we are supposed to get our e-mails out to our prospective interview subjects. They will be audio interviews using that miracle of modern technology- Skype.

It amazes me with my background in radio how simple and compact a modern interview "studio" can be, a pair of ear buds a microphone and a laptop replaces all the machinery of a few decades ago. Editing and production will be carried out by the engineer who I have not yet met in person, and may not for a while. Digital recordings render great sound quality and editing is by pixels and no longer with razor blades.  Fortunately I will not be doing the editing which will require keeping each weekly podcast down to about half an hour.

The project I have been asked to work on involves interviews on the subject of travel and staying safe while away from home with interviews with people who live part of their lives on the road, or away from home and how they cope with modern technology and the demands of a sometimes nomadic life.

The podcasts should start airing we hope by the beginning of March, maybe sooner but I hope absolutely not later. I look forward very much to your feedback, indeed we will rely on it.


Mandy S said...

I think that's great- my concept of fundamental freedom is to be able to move about and travel - i think that is a serious part of what our country stands for; even with the corruption, there is still the open road of america- i am embarking upon bicycle travel and camping, and am really into the idea of the upcoming podcast-

David Masse said...

My suggestion for an interview subject: Michael Strauss, the South African 'Soloscooterist'.

Conchscooter said...

Good ideas, good angles both.