Monday, January 26, 2015

The Meadows, Silent

 It was a lovely winter's day yesterday, cool, breezy with crisp sunshine and a high around 70  degrees, which made it okay to have a late start from my morning dog walk.
It was in point of fact almost afternoon by the time I got Cheyenne onto Eisenhower Drive in Key West and we made our way into the Meadows for a shaded walk. There was no sign of life, no one in the streets, slightly eerie on a pleasant Sunday morning.
I stopped at Eisenhower because traffic into town was just awful, slow distracted and excessively crowded and I just had to pull off Palm Avenue to get out of the jam. Besides The Meadows is a neighborhood filled with dogs and I figured she'd have a bit to smell.
 I had a few things to look at.
 We watched a couple of old foges working on an old VW which activity reminded me of my youth. Cheyenne thought a car with legs was weird and she wanted no part of it.
 A rope to remind us all of Key West's nautical heritage:
 The Moose Lodge is a huge white undistinguished building except it has some really nice glass windows set into the white facade.
 And a remarkable scooter survivor, an elderly but vibrant Honda Spree.
The boatyard where I got my Yamaha outboard longer ago than I care to admit stores boats up in the air. a form of storage I find fascinating every time I walk by. 
 By the way I always try to remind visitors not to park as you see others park. A car planted in front of a sign may be the vehicle of the property owner, a friend of said owner, or someone with special dispensation or possibly just someone lucky enough not to get towed. Don't imitate them on the off chance is always my advice.
 What a glorious day, not a cloud in the sky and the promise of hellacious temperatures and snow and all that crap Up North. This is my kind of seasonal weather:
It was all a bit much for my Pooh Bear who retired to the shade of the Moose Lodge to escape the winter heat. 
A big bowl of water later she was in the car in air conditioned comfort (my dogs don't ride in truck beds) where she idled the morning away while I did my chores. And as for the weather this week we get sunny cool days with highs near 75 and cold nights with lows near 60. Cold enough, thank you.

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Trobairitz said...

No one about on a sunny morning walk? Sounds darn near perfect.