Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Key West Bight Night

The recent cold front was cool enough to make the waterfront at Key West Bight worth walking on my lunch break in the middle of the night. I stopped by the turtle museum and photographed the turtle outline...reminiscent of a chalk body silhouette at a murder scene!
Key West Bight
 The Waterfront Brewery was looking good dressed in lights for Christmas:
Key West Bight
It was only midnight but there was no one around, the bars closed, the water reflecting the night spotlights only. 
Key West Bight
 I liked this trawler, a Krogen, over dressed with lights to be actually used  except as a home.
Key West Bight

Key West Bight
 The US Coastguard base:
Key West Bight

Key West Bight

Key West Bight
I like wandering around here and I recommend it as an occasional alternative to all the noise and hustle downtown.  


Anonymous said...

Hi Michael, I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy your photo's and essay's throughout the year. Your efforts are very much appreciated by those of us not able to visit often (or live) in the Florida Keys. Whether it's your late night walks or morning exercise with your faithful companion, you always give us a lift.
Best wishes for a safe and healthy New Year to you and your wife (and of course Cheyenne.) And may your efforts with 911 Buddy be fruitful.
Best Regards.

Trobairitz said...

Nice turtle outline. It does look like an image from CSI.

Conchscooter said...

Thank you.

Ginney Camden said...

Love all your photos and essays but think I especially love the black and whites.