Wednesday, January 27, 2016

911Buddy In App Store

We have  got Apple's approval and our national 911 service is now for sale in the Apple iTunes Store.
With this app on your iPhone you can now reach any 911 center anywhere in the US, from the Virgin Islands to Alaska.

With 911Buddy™ you CAN:
  • Speak to a 911 operator anywhere in the U.S.
  • Be on the line with the operator and your loved one at the same time
  • Give any 911 operator accurate location information including gate codes
  • Give any 911 operator up-to-date medical information about your loved one
  • Ask the operator to check on a family member who hasn’t been heard from recently.

 It took us two goes to get it approved and frankly we balls up the first application by omitting paperwork Apple asked for! Duh. This time around we had our paperwork together, we answered their queries and they took us seriously. I was really anxious about the whole process but I'm really proud of this creation. It works and it will save lives.
We have a lovely design in my opinion and you will see color schemes I use on this very blog- coincidence? Hardly..! But beyond the aesthetics of the app we have worked very thoughtfully to integrate the functions with iPhone functions so if you can use an iPhone you will find 911Buddy easy to use. 
There it is, ready to go. If I haven't bored you enough already with this app you can go to our website  with all the answers I hope to your queries. 
Thanks for all your support in this process.


Steven Wechsler said...

Michael, I'm not finding it in the app store on my iPhone; do we need to sign up on the web site first or is the app store running behind? Congrats again, Steve

Anonymous said...


Conchscooter said...

Thanks for the purchase and review Steve

David Masse said...

Congratulations Michael, that is no easy feat. Not many of us can say we have saved lives.