Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Reviewing 911Buddy In The iTunes Store.

Those of you who have stepped up: thank you. Those of you procrastinating let me quote that quintessential Key West buccaneer Mel Fisher who was fond of saying "Today's the day!" as he continued to fail to find his treasure. Until he did.

I have found the marketing of a new business to be far more complex than the building of the original idea which was clear in my head long before I started the patent process and the actual build. Keeping marketers to the original program has proved as hard as herding hedgehogs but perhaps the third time is the charm. My partners and I are fond of reminding each other that the process requires grit.

It is a process that does not require vanity metrics. I am truly sorry if my need for action on your part offends you, but this demand for free content is the same force that has shut down Al Jazeera English and threatens contents of substance in every medium. If you think everything has to be free all the time you will live in a colorless world of no quality. It's not the world I want and it's not the world I pay for when I support producers of content that I value. If you value this page support my app. You may think, like some of my wife's friends that neither you nor your well established family will need the emergency services. I know different. I hear the shock in the voices of people who call, the anger of helplessness, the denial. I created 911Buddy in response to a need. It will save lives but in a world created by free content and celebrity adulation my small voice can hardly be heard in a sea of ten thousand games, vanity apps and toys. To help me is to help 911buddy find an audience.

At five bucks with one third going to Apple and a phone infrastructure to support your purchases aren't making me rich. Your reviews and five star votes will help give 911Buddy visibility in the App Store. If I were Tom Hanks I could sell ten million apps that make your phone sound like a typewriter, but my reality is a little different. I have you, I hope.

Here's how you review the app in the App Store. First go to 911Buddy.

Slide the screen to the left and the next screen offers you three boxes. Tap the "Reviews" box.

And then you get an offer to write a review:

Please give it five stars and all you have to do is say great app or very reassuring or some other phrase if you like. And you will be helping me to help all those other people, your neighbors who, thanks to you may well get a chance to find out about this service. They won't know you but they ought to thank you.

I thank you. And those who decline to help me, well, you will have to rely on your neighbors to do for you as you have relied on me to share my daily diary. It's a bad habit to get into.





Anonymous said...

I'm happy to pay a fee to read your blog. But I find your pleas to buy and 5-star rate an app I don't want unseemly. Sorry, but I must be as blunt as you.

CJ said...

I don't have an apple anything. Not even an apple in my fridge.

I went to the store site https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/911buddy/id987227960?mt=8 and noted immediately that the screenshot denotes your old pricing model. I would kindly suggest changing that screenshot as it may be confusing to the customer.

Anonymous said...

Everybody thinks bringing a product to market can't be that hard and everybody thinks they can do marketing. Not so. What you're doing now is good marketing.

Keep at it - behind every instant success is ten years of trying

SalParadise said...

I'm not going to fake review an app I don't even have a phone for. Its dishonest, offensive and outrageous.

Anonymous said...

How about you ask someone you know , who has it, to try it, and review.

Anonymous said...

Do you really want to be on the side of Al Jazeera? I was "this" close to purchasing the app. Major turnoff.

Lakedog said...

Cmon folks, it's not that hard or expensive. Do it in memory of Cheyenne if nothing else. Michael, hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Seriously messed up about Al Jazeera remark...enough with the Trump - KKK - Neo- nazis , Bush- Cheney
( war criminals btw) leanings....we have millions of orphans, widows, widowers, worldwide , not to mention eternally suffering veterans , who got very little financial support , may I add. (Through Democracy and Capitalism and the sales from the NRA)
Have you never heard of knowing your " enemies" and " getting unbiased info"?
At the very least, Al Jazeera showed how ruthless suicide bombers use even their children to promote their causes.
Who knew?
THEY did.
And if you think all Muslims want war, think again and think how moderate Iran voted...and how there is finally a peace process in Syria.
But I got a feeling this remark is from the same fool who is in the 1%. ( Or pretends to be.)

Conchscooter said...

I am not afraid of ideas or information. The BBC Is my source of news but I do not fear ideas. Al Jazeera has every right to publish in a free and open space. That they couldn't make it work financially is interesting to me. That Muslims paralyze you with fear is your problem I dislike Islam because among other injustices it's a belief system that doesn't allow pets! Thus they lose out on the chance to enjoy the company of dogs, their loss.
I am not asking anyone who does not download the app to review it. I am asking anyone who does to review it. Keep your precious integrity intact Sal but go be angry somewhere else. Reading and comprehension 101.
I am proud of my app and the effort it took to create it. I am proud of myself for stepping outside my comfort zone and to my business partners for joining with me on this path.
Thanks to those who have stepped up to help. You make the world go round and it's too bad the angry negative nellies will get to ride your coat tails as we go forward.

Anonymous said...

"Stepping outside of the comfort zone", try some of these facts, just locally.
Last December, a corpse was found in a boat , and the guy's dog had nothing to eat for five days because no- one had a clue he was dead ; the dog stayed alive by eating his arm.
Only another passing boater got a whiff of that situation whereupon , he called the police.
He also came to the dog's rescue and adopted him.

" Stepping outside of the comfort zone", again, how about the dead body found in a lot for sale, in the Keys, late last year? The people specifically went out of their way to look at the lot that was for sale.
I don't know if the people eventually bought the lot, but it sure wasn't a plus!
Furthermore, what's terribly sad, is that the victim had shot himself where he knew no- one could find him for days.
As it turned out , it was months.

911 Buddy would surely have helped even these two people, locally.
And that's only within 30 miles of each other.
Imagine the farms, mountains, and beaches!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, yea. So woulda dialing 911 on any phone, including a 1974 rotary. None of those situations were exigent circumstances and cell phone service was available and satisfactory.

Anonymous said...

People, often , are not able to use phones. Situation - deaf.
How about if the victim that has no cell phone?
Not everybody is connected.

Bryce Lee said...

Have friends here in Canada who have developed applications for Apple.
It is HARD work! Many loopholes, problems financing. The list goes on and on.
It is very similar to developing a retail outlet, similar situation.

I have asked one of the friends currently in Boston to download your
app; nothing heard back, yet.

Is the app available in Canada?
You had mentioned at one point it might be at some point.

David Masse said...

Michael, If it becomes available in Canada I will buy it, and so will my kids.

I have family in Florida. If I get the app, will I be able to use it here?

If so shoot me an e-mail and I will pick it up right away.

It's a shame that there were negative comments, but it's the price of freedom we all must pay.

Conchscooter said...

Please note: if you don't use a smart phone you are set. A landline phone is still the best way to call 911 as it gives accurate location information. Many 911 centers including mine have TDD services and we are trained to take calls from deaf callers. We have ASIIC and Baudot capability.
911 optimizes smart phones. It does not replace the original intent of local low tech 911 calling as envisioned in 1968.