Thursday, September 14, 2017

Night Hang Outs

I didn't have Rusty, I was on a lunch break and felt like riding my Vespa at random. I really felt like climbing a mountain road or riding through a forest but these options aren't available at the end of the road so I buggered off around town. Sandy's is closed weeknights from midnight to five but this closure was for maintenance the sign said. I am still not used to seeing Sandy's formerly open all the time, closed. No Cuban coffee twenty four hours? Well...
Badboy Burrito is another hangout that offers affordable food and there it was closed at two in the morning. How unsporting! 
flamingo Crossing for ice cream never looks like this during the day and I suppose that was the point as I rode and stopped and took off.   
 Next u as I made my way across town was Santiago's Bodega the tapas place on Petronia Street.
I got right the way to the end of the road and you know it was night time because the irrigation sprays were hosing the ball field at the end of Petronia and I got a face full of irrigation water as I rode by. No harm done it was still in the mid 80s in the middle of the night. There are a lot of comments about the roadways through what is to be the new park with the amphitheater and I'm going wait to see what it looks like when finished in a few months. They are planning a concert here in February so they have a deadline. The entrance to the park at Fort Zachary is open and working here: 
They are playing Dunkirk at the Tropic and I have a hankering to go.  So I rode by on my way back to work up Eaton Street from Truman Waterfront. 
I cut across from Eaton on Bahama Street and stopped at Southard to get this picture of the Cafe before I turned around and headed back to work.

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Thanks for the pictures. Please keep them coming.