Friday, May 8, 2020

Duval Street

I took these pictures a week ago on Duval Street and nothing much has changed so far. While we may find our leaders pushing to get things re-opened the amount of fear in the populace is effectively going to keep most people at home.
Key West lives on tourism, if that wasn't apparent previously it is now. Without millions of visitors this is a very quiet little town. Without bars no activity, with restaurants limited in their seating and selling food to go the sense of life and liveliness downtown is completely absent.
At some level I quite like it, wandering around with my dog, the Omega Man, wandering with my camera, looking not touching, passing other shadows flitting by and not always on the sidewalk.
For instance I have not recently noticed the decorations on the Strand which houses a pharmacy on Duval Street but was created to be a rococo movie theater: 
The Kress building at 500 Duval is also a pharmacy, there are so many of them in town, but like the Strand the original name, in this case a department store, remains:
Dog walking is a solitary pursuit. I find most people with dogs are terrified of their animals coming in contact with Rusty. Personally I find it a bit weird and sad. Dogs are smart enough to know in seconds if they are going to get along. If they aren't they part ways, they don't pull six shooters on each other or insult their parents. Better yet if the dogs are off leash and not feeling like they are defending you. A loose dog is free to avid confrontation unlike humans who seem to seek it out and impose their values on their peace loving animals. Where was I? The upshot of all that is that dog walkers will go to extraordinary lengths to pretend you and your own dog aren't there. It's quite funny. 
I read somewhere this state of affairs (coronavirus not dog walking) may continue for weeks or moths or years. I expect I shall be quite used to dodging packs of chickens and stray leaves on Duval Street by then.


Anonymous said...

Once in a lifetime experience seeing cities looking like they have for the last month or so. Beautiful and worrisome at the same time. Why anyone would move away from rusty is beyond me. Looks sweet and huggable.

Anonymous said...

I can identify with your meme. Too funny, and unfortunately kinda true. The nice thing about the social distancing is that I don’t have to make up excuses to exclude myself from events that I have no interest in.

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Hi Michael. It has been a while since I caught up with your blog. Beautiful, and somewhat eerie images. It is apparent that you have immersed yourself in creating images - glad you have a creative outlet. We miss you o over on the scooter forum, but seems you are doing well. Take care.

I hope your gradual opening of the Keys is a different experience from what we saw last weekend in the Tropical Tip of Texas... 70,000 people came from the Valley to the beach on South Padre Island. A bit overwhelming, as you can imagine, and many of them were not smart enough to pick up their trash on the way out. I have concerns for what all that stupid will lead to.

Best wishes,
Jim (Captain Jim)