Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Bahama Village

Whitehead Street at five in the morning. Mask ordinances are finished by order of the Governor,  everyone has to use their common sense and social distance or use a mask based on their own intelligence level. I am rather dubious about that approach but I am resigned to this virus being around for far longer than I ever initially imagined. 
My neighbor told me of a friend of theirs, 40 years old who got coronavirus and was on a ventilator for ten days. Now she has stroke like symptoms that the doctors can't figure out, headaches, lopsided features and an arm that doesn't work, but only intermittently.  The reason I don't want to blunder into coronavirus is because I don't want to deal with the third outcome which isn't death or recovery. Its recovery with side effects of unknown severity, complexity and duration.  So I creep around Key West hen everyone else is asleep.
I used take night pictures for a change but I seem to find myself figuring out how to take pictures with not much light and that is most of the time. I wandered down Petronia Street which is actually quite picturesque even under sunlight.
Was thinking how in a normal year the city would be gearing up for Goombay in about three weeks. And Goombay, the Bahamian celebration which clogs Petronia Street for a weekend, is the precursor to Fantasy Fest.
Goombay, Zombie Bike Ride, Fantasy Fest...all gone this year.I fear if we don't get our mask wearing and social distancing organized we may not see them next year. I like the holiday spirit of the end of October especially as FantasyFest was being redirected away from stupid nudity to more of a costume public event. Perhaps by the time the pandemic is behind us and Fantasy Fest resumes it will be better placed to be a downtown celebration. I have one more opportunity to see fantasy fest before retirement. I Amy already have seen my last if next year repeats this year. The same goes for Goombay, a less riotous event with more music and food and less stupid drunks. To not see one last Goombay would be a real shame.



Anonymous said...

Linda Cunningham over at KWIN seems to think you're/we're looking at 5 years before things are normal. ☹️ I sincerely hope she's wrong. Things up in my neck of the woods (maryland) are already starting to cancel for the beginning of 2021. 😕

One of these years I hope to get down there for the Conch Independence celebrations.... preferably before I'm 60.

Conchscooter said...

Oh good lord. Five years? I don't want to delay retirement that long. Besides there won't be anyone left at the current rates of attrition. Can you imagine five more years of this? They wrapped up WW2 faster.

Anonymous said...

My cousins who live outside of D.C., in northern Virginia , decided to march in the “non violent protest “. Now they both have covid. Highly educated, not very smart.