Thursday, October 1, 2020

Duval Street Sunshine

I had a reason to be downtown, dropping off my ballot along with my wife's, ironically on the day the President went on television to denounce the peaceful voting process that brought him to power. The voting process that he now threatens to ignore. Well, that's two Florida votes for Biden. 
The bars are open, as shown by my decision to take a walk on Duval and see what's what. In case you are wondering I am of a strong enough constitution to walk while masked, even in 95 degree heat so that was what I did.   
Key West
Not everyone followed suit, though I was surprised how many did. If you feel the need to support a local business, a fresh air seat in an almost empty bar seems like a pretty good plan for a liquid lunch. I had work to go back to shortly.
I was reading my selection of online papers yesterday and the numbers are going up in Wisconsin and I have to say I am surprised it took so long. When we were there in our camper van in July the entire state was functioning as normal, that is to say as we used to live before this pandemic. My wife and I felt like time travelers coming as we did from a high infection state. We wished them luck and went to Michigan where precautions were in effect. Now Florida is banning a science based response to infection.
Coronavirus Florida
It was a hot afternoon on Duval and I was in long pants for work but there was quite a bit of traffic on the sidewalks, because whatever else is going on this is September, traditionally the slowest month of the year. Peak hurricane season, schools are open and the cool breezes of winter haven't yet arrived.

Key West
The solution to the Fall doldrums years ago was to create a carnival to draw people to the town where it was said a cannon shot down Duval might at best wake a dog sleeping in the shade. Fantasy Fest grew over the years and created a rather irritating name for itself as a magnet for bad taste in pursuit of tourist dollars.. The new organizers were slowly turning around the tits-on-display attitude where a week long street party in Key West was for elderly middle class pillars of their communities back home to pretend to be reprobates in secret far away.  However all that came to a screeching halt this year.
Key West Florida
Or did it? The newspaper is reporting a  group of people from Tampa, exactly those who can't strip naked at home in public want to have their own tasteless display in Key West. I never have found the Tampa crowd particularly in tune with the event and this year they are apparently planning their own party in Key West crowing that thanks to the Governor they can ignore local reticence on the subject. 
Key West
I used to enjoy the week of Fantasy Fest and my friends thought I was stupid for sticking up for the week we spent in our own reality. I got overtime rather than time off and i am not one to dress up in costumes but I enjoy the good cheer of a downtown party and ignored the tastelessness that went with it. It was not an easy balance to find but in a  town where tacky and tourism have always seemed synonymous it wasn't that much of a stretch to enjoy the carnival and ignore the puerile humor.
And this year the silliness of the last week in October is perforce missing. I doubt the Tampa gate crashers will organize much of anything and to announce a Black Lingerie Matters bike ride to the newspaper is hardly a portent of good sense in a year when BLM are initials far too pregnant with meaning to be made fun of. The Zombie Bike Ride is just another casualty of our First World Problem and mocking a political movement that has everyone on both sides riled up seems to cross a bad taste line that is bad even by Fantasy Fest's loose morals. Bad taste is one thing but political hay making is quite another.
Key West
Next year, assuming the pandemic has run its course and all things are equal, should be my last Fantasy Fest at the police department so I'm keeping my fingers crossed hoping it will be brilliant and sparkle and make people happy, a portent of good times to come. This year we just keep on keeping on and wait with patience for things to somehow get better.


Kim Thomson said...

Noted: "The Corona has arrived".

Unknown said...

So I guess you are just another rock in the box of rocks,,, so sad!

Dave said...

I propose that we cancel the Presidential Election and just run on automatic for four years. We will not be in worse shape I dont think. I cant bring my self to vote for Biden or the dems after what they have been up to for four years. Maybe I will vote for myself on a write in vote.

Anonymous said...

If I wrote a movie script about a political party whose best candidate suffers from dementia and would not admit to supporting law and order I am sure it would have been rejected because nobody would believe it. Yet, here we are...

Anonymous said...

I have young granddaughters. The pictures of mr. Biden sniffing and pawing young girls made my skin crawl. No thanks. Don’t need my financial pocket picked either. Amazing that the best we have are older than dirt. (Just as dirty too) everyone winds up incredibly wealthy working for the people.

Conchscooter said...

Trump is a hazard to democracy and the process. I understand why he got votes in 2016 when no one knew who he was. Now? It is unfathomable to me how anyone with a shred of decency and any hope for the democratic process ( not necessarily the party) could do anything other than vote Biden to remove Trump and his self serving cruelty on public display for the past years. And anonymous comments are not an argument to counter mine. I am here for anyone to see and name. I honor my beliefs by being public and open in this time of peril for the Republic.

Anonymous said...

I remember when the vote was so personal and sacred that my parents didn’t tell anyone how they voted. Not even us kids. Now, in the days of social media, nothing is sacred. Not even your privacy. Address for everyone to see. A map to your house. Mortgage info. Pretty sad.

JJ said...

...right on Michael! I will hold my own next to you to restore on behalf of the Democratic Party!

HOWEVER; there are two thing I love about TRUMP:


Anonymous said...

You have a low level pensioned job surrounded by liberal insanity. Many, like myself, can make many enemies because of the positions we hold and can be attacked by liberal social justice warriors and those who are or those who employ Antifa tactics. Socialism has already killed millions and, ironically, attacks and eats its own from the bottom up. Study your history. It is irrefutable. Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder.

JJ said...

Listen anon just above this comment box:

........ such a chicken butt as to not reveal your identify.

You Sir, are a victim of colloquialisms and suffer from low affect.

Another cardboard character or as my Dad used to say: A STUFFED SHIRT.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to carry on the politics, but I find it hilarious that people who think Biden has dementia are perforce voting for Trump, who is actually delusional. And has made disgusting sexual comments about *his own daughter.*

We are sunny and 65F and masked up here in MD, if you and Layne and Rusty want to take a road trip. Leaves are starting to turn, too.

Anonymous said...

I don't like either candidate. Is this the best America can present to us for President ?

Ken in Cleveland