Sunday, June 5, 2011

Garrison Bight

There is something in the air and whatever it is makes no sense to me. The city is bathed in white winter light, the skies are blue and devoid of clouds most of the day, the sun shines as though it were a crisp winter day. Garrison Bight off North Roosevelt looked lovely in this wintry light.That it was 91 degrees was offset by the fearsome Spring winds still blowing across the islands, as though it were March and not June. In the Caribbean strong winter winds are called the Christmas Trades as traditionally they blow like snot around the time of the Redeemer's Birthday, but in the Keys spring is the season for windiness. Except this year when rain is nowhere to be seen, except for a few sporadic sprinkles, and wind is everywhere and very strong. The economic Depression is being felt to some modest degree in Key West. there are tons of bank owned homes for sale yet a fixer upper in New town can still command $300,000 if there are any qualified buyers out there and any banks willing to lend money to ordinary people. Failing that it is now much easier to live on a boat in the city. For years it seemed as the economy bubbled and boomed that living on a boat in a marina was slipping out of the reach of the ordinary run of mortals. The situation is now reversed:And because summer is supposedly upon us, no matter how strong the wind or how cool the sea water, hotel rooms and parking are both available. Rent a room on the water if you feel like it, enjoy a vacation and bring lots of tie downs because the wind just won't stop blowing it seems.

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