Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Key West Arrival

There is a sign at the entrance to Key West placed there a couple of years ago after a couple of centuries of neglect. Years ago my wife was in line at Publix in Searstown and overheard an anxious tourist ask an employee if it was many more miles to Key West. It was then we realized, as the Chamber of Commerce did a few years later, that there was no sign marking the entrance to the city. There is now and it is only partially obscured by road signage and only slightly awkward to pose in front of as it is thoughtfully stuck plumb in the middle of four lanes of very busy traffic.Some fearsomely intrepid visitors plunge through the traffic to get their pictures taken in the median strip at the Triangle.
The triangle is the point where US Highway One bifurcates as the right turn takes cars along bumpy old North Roosevelt Boulevard to Publix and other strip malls. The left turn lanes take cars and motorcycles south to the airport and Smathers Beach. When I am early to work this is the way I come:Stuck in the car wondering how nice it must be to be riding a motorcycle, one is always reminded of the magnificence of Key West's location when one takes South Roosevelt into town. The large buildings are Key West By The Sea condos, pink in color and made of cement as military housing originally and widely believed to be hurricane proof as a result.
Taking the long view this is quite the approach road to the city:To the right runs the Bridle Path (sometimes hilariously misspelled Bridal) which is where people used to...walk their horses (or their brides I suppose). Nowadays parking is prohibited in this convenient dog walking spot owing to the profusion of people who chose to sleep and fornicate in their vehicles in the bushes overnight. Visitors sometimes assume the copious No Parking signs don't apply to them, with tragic results.
They love to call dispatch and warn us that they will never ever return to Key West because of a $35 ticket for failing to obey city rules. Then they go to Duval Street and drown their sorrows with seven dollar beers and so it goes. People really are weird.I console myself by riding my motorcycle and taking pleasure from others doing the same when I am hauling my dog in my car.

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Greg P. said...

South Roosevelt is definitely my preferred way onto the island. The way the water rises up and is level with the road just, well, does it for me.
I get the same sense that it also does it for you, as well.