Thursday, August 25, 2011

Amigos Mexican

There they were sitting under the sign that said it all.

This was Thérèse's goodbye dinner before she got on the ferry out of town to see her Dad Up North in Southwest Florida. My wife got herself something that looked like a chimichanga but was a taco salad, deemed delicious.

I got a fish burrito because I am a pig and I wanted refried beans and rice. The more moderately inclined Thérèse had the fish taco, sans rice and beans and pronounced it excellent and good value at $3.99. Two tacos might have been more healthful than the $13 burrito but I enjoyed it with it's large piece of fish. My wife is not as fond of Chicos because she grew in California where tropical Mexican food, Veracruz style, is not the norm. Amigos is closer to the California norm, and sometimes one wants the familiar if it is to qualify as comfort food.

There's Captain Tony's across the street, still advertising that it was once Sloppy Jose's and still pulling in the visitors looking to take their pictures. We ate Mexican food as we watched the antics.

I thought this menu board looked cute but Wayne sniffed and looked at me as though I were an idiot. Well, I still like the mañana touch.

But there again for cheap and cheerful food this place does okay. A burrito at badboy is still my favorite though from time to time I would pay a few bucks more for a sit down California-Mexican style burrito. Key West has long since needed a Mexican place that does it like this and I hope they stay a good long while.

They were packed and it's not all air conditioned so I would say that is a very good sign.

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Jack Riepe said...

Dear Conchscooter:

There is nothing like a bit of a farewell dnner in joinb with a "cut" menu board. Speaking for myself, I prefer a menu board skillfully drawn on the stomach of a an accomplished topless dancer.

Though it appears you guys are going to duck the worst of the hurricane this weekend, there has to be some concern for rising tides and storm surges related to the big blow.

I sincerely hope you get off with nothing worse than a good soaking.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Anonymous said...

Captain Tony's isn't the same without Captain Tony. Captain Tony told me he sold it to a guy from Montana, but I don't know his name. Captain Tony would sign autographs and women's anatomy from 7-9 each night. I will only go in there once when I'm in town to see the hanging tree and posters of Captain Tony.

Bob from Livingston Montana