Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blue Hole Alligator

There was this wake up call lying in the watery edges of the Blue Hole on Big Pine Key. Looking over the side of the viewing platform one has to wonder what exactly an alligator thinks as it sits there doing nothing.

Key deer is what this place is supposed to be about and the diminutive creatures are all over the place. But of alligators in the Lower Keys...they only reside in this former quarry on Key Deer Boulevard.

Perhaps it is lurking or simply snoozing or maybe even contemplating it's next move.

Masked by the grasses and the bushes at water's edge.

We humans are afraid of and appalled by the supposed ferocity and danger posed by these fresh water dinosaurs.

In point of fact this creature's predecessor, the much larger alligator known as Bacardi starved to death after it swallowed a plastic toy dropped in the water. They have more to fear from us than we from them.

The Blue Hole is still green, under a watery summer sky.

Luckily the alligators don't stray from where they are parked as suburbia isn't very far away.

Last year there was widespread revulsion and outrage when a couple of young men appeared in court charged with shooting an alligator at the Blue Hole. The term 'refuge' is relative.

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Jack Riepe said...

Dear Conchscooter:

I found this blog disturbing this morning as the creature in the "Blue Hole" bears a certain resemblance to a former mother-in-law of mine. Like the alligator in the quarry, this person used to munch on chgildren as they dreamed.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Christopher Shepherd said...

I can assure you that alligators also reside in the estuarial waters of North Cudjoe, having come all-too-close to them in the past while scapping for blue crabs in the muck.

Conchscooter said...

Well bugger. Put yourself in the food chain and you never know what you might end up seeing, mothers in law or man eaters. I am glad I have never seen any outside the Blue Hole.