Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Around Packer Street

I am not fond of the streets that run south from Truman. They lack sidewalks, and doubtlessdon't rssidents want them for fear of loss of parking in a place where cars crowd the already narrow streets...

...and oh dear, I do sound like a boring straight laced suburbanite. But Packer and Varela and Watson have their own charms.

According to J. Wills Burke's 'Streets of Key West' Packer Street was named for the doyenne of a New England trading family which owned property in the area. This home, shown below looks like a bank owned abandoned property. What a drag.

Burke speculates that the name 'Packer' is actually a corruption of 'Parker' spoken with a Boston accent. I like the idea but I don't know how Josephine Packer/Parker would feel about it.

Like I said, awkward walking on a city street:

But a streak of sunlight makes everything look better.

I've seen these plastic owls used on boats to scare away shitting seagulls. They don't work but seen on a porch they look mildly cute I suppose. Dustcatchers everywhere.

Yellow flower, yellow house, yellow dog.

Happiness all round.

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