Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Keys Pix 8

Rainy season is a summer wonderland for Cheyenne. She turns her nose up at the fresh clean water I carry in the car for her. We don't need no stinkin' water bowls...

This is a household recycling bin. Imagine how many brown bottles they throw in the trash on Lower Duval each night. A couple of years ago the paper ran an article about a $5,000 glass crusher designed to fit under a bar and reduce bottles to powder on the spot suitable for recycling. Well, that was a nice idea.

This next photo is in response to all the people who ask what I do when it rains and I am riding the Bonneville. I get a wet bottom if I don't put my waterproofs on first. I rarely die of rain.

This cheerful looking Scarabeo is just one of several such Aprilias around town. They are very practical large scooters but I always wonder why the Italian factory hired a former East German motorcycle engineer to design these bikes.

Practical, capable and agricultural. And to enhance practicality a cup holder in case the long distance ride across town threatens the rider's caffeine levels.

Back to school. I am happily child-free so the only way I know school is opening is because my wife the teacher shows signs of stress and the big yellow farm sheds start reappearing on the roads.

One can only imagine how delightful a barbecue with (not of) friends would be on this terrace. The only question is how did they get it up there? Sheer brute force is the only answer in my experience.

A puddle unruffled by a thirsty Labrador.

Big cars are not easy to park for some people. A modest Honda Del Sol (convertible Civic two seater) was in the space in front with room to spare.

Food to spare for a hungry malnourished Labrador. People prefer to forget how much our "companion animals" are related to the call of the wild. I like to see Cheyenne expressing her full nature.

Grrr! Yum yum! Woof woof. End of story.

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