Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Coming and Gone

I am off Cuban con leché and cheese bread for the time being as I recover from the excesses of my Italian trip but it's nice to see the relatively new Cuban Coffee Queen doing well.

Simplicity is a great virtue and I have no doubt when starting a business It is a heat help too. Tis place has it down, reasonable prices, a minimal foot print and decent grub. I miss it.

And their cheerful sign is long since completed.

This sad story remains shuttered and dusty. Waterfront Market is long since gone and the hopeless chain that took their place never looked like a winner.

There was talk of a bowling alley or a brew pub occupying this city owned space but so far the city seems to prefer to keep it empty for some reason. Bowling is a humiliation for me and I can't score to save my life but if I can't have a brew pub that's better than nothing.

Still, if I'm off Cuban coffee for the time being I don't think my wife would cheer me on at a brew pub opening. The market might as well remain as an unsightly monument to lack to of municipal ambition. Besides the city has it's hands full trying to figure out how to widen the ship channel to bring in more waves of cruise ship visitors.

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Danette said...

It made me so sad that the Waterfront Market was closed when we were there last year. It was a landmark and we always enjoyed going there for croissants and a few goods that were better than at Fausto's.

Conchscooter said...

Think Brew Pub! MUch better than all the bottled beer at Fausto's! By the people who run the Porch.