Monday, August 15, 2011

Bridge Closure

I have no idea how to explain to Cheyenne why her favorite bridge walk is closed. Other bridges up the highway have been getting a makeover so I'm figuring it's the turn of the bridge at Niles Channel.

Naturally I quite like the bridge the way it was/is but it has to be improved I guess. Judging by it's refreshed neighbors they will put in guardrails at regulation height so we will no longer be able to dangle our Croc-shod feet over the water. The rails will burn your hands in the sun unlike the rough cement barriers in place already.

Change is good, I keep telling myself this and I just wish I started to believe that simple truth.

I met a family 'back in the Keys' for vacation and they were going fishing. Nothing daunted they went down the slope to the water's edge and worried not one bit about the fence or the closed bridge. I immediately adopted their attitude. All will be great with new fencing and paving and so forth. Let us rejoice that there is still money in the county coffers to make infrastructure improvements!

And there, over my shoulders were a bunch of motorcyclists enjoying a fine summer day on the Overseas Highway. It's possible they were on their way to Lobsterfest in Key West.

The city needs tourist income through the summer months and inane festivals every weekend bring in vacation starved visitors. More power to them but you won't catch me standing in line in the sun waiting to eat full price lobsters while standing up when I can order them at a table in comfort in one of our fine restaurants.

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Anonymous said...

While you were cruising the Umbrian hills on your fine BMW, a portion of the roadbed extension and concrete guardrail of the old bridge fell into the ocean. Luckily no one was standing on it nor fishing from a boat below it. Last word is it will be closed indefinitely. Sorry Cheyenne.

Chuck on Sugarloaf

Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

Speaking of festivals, KeyWest BeerFest Sept 1-5. Hopefully it will have good brews since they advertised in the Southern Brew Journal.

Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

Oh, and I am thinking of coming down around that week/weekend anyway...

Conchscooter said...

Well bugger about the bridge.
Welcome about the beer Fest. One can only hope.