Monday, August 15, 2011

Keys Pix 4

Pearl's used to be known as Pearl's Rainbow and it bused to be women only. I rather liked the idea that Key West could support such a narrow clientele but times change and now they take men as well. Times are hard everywhere and some of that filters down here too.

Papa's Hideaway was looking surprisingly busy for this the quietest time of the year.

I dare say this poor man has had more than his share of silly jokes about teeth and riveting and so forth.

And if we need a platitude to keep up our morale look no further than a mass produced plastic tire cover.

And as annoying as graffiti are... least we know this jumble of letters didn't come from China.

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Anonymous said...

Papa's is a great place to stay and is booked far in advance. I've stayed there quite a few times. Andrea and Fred are nice people. The Hideaway is for sale by the way.

Von in Ohio

Chuck and the Pheebs said...

Pearls (formerly owned by Commissioner Terri) sold recently, or so I heard, and has broadened its market to include both innies and outies.

Word has it women make less than men in most instances, so the disposable income of two ladies is significantly less, on average, than two men or a straight couple.

Terri built a great brand - and it is sad to see it change.

Finally - there's a bunch of guesthouses for sale in Key West; most for more than they're worth. One near my house went into foreclosure a year ago and the owners were evicted around Fantasy Fest. New owners now - I wish them luck, as guesthouses are a labour of love.