Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Busy Dog

Cheyenne and I are having our regular routines interrupted by an out of town visitor (camera shy as it happens), but we are squeezing in time together.

The skies early in the morning have been spectacular with moisture filled clouds and a wild array of colors.

There is plenty of evidence of rain in the backwoods.

The mangroves are now sitting in puddles of water as it has been raining a lot, all across the Lower Keys.

The rain comes and goes but at last it is coming in the normal way and it makes for great skyscapes especially close to dawn and dusk.

It's August so the are no snowbirds walking their dogs at the pool this time of year and Cheyenne had the place to herself.

Looking across to Summerland Key the sunlight reflects off clouds and water.

But it's just me watching the sun come up.

Cheyenne is always a busy girl.

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Jack Riepe said...

Dear Conch:

Without going into details, life is chnging around here at the soeed of light, and there is a much heavier emphasis on developing my various side projects. I may actually be visiting you next spring.

I hope the rain gives you a break in the heat these days. I took a long hard look at the Keys the other night. I had an interest in "Conch" Key which is still 42.5 miles away from you. If I am not mistaken, that would still be an hour from you and almost two hours from Key West (at high noon) wouldn't it.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Garythetourist said...

I love the cloud shot from Summerland Key. Way to go!

Conchscooter said...

Thank you Gary.
More or less Jack. I doubt you want speeding tickets.