Saturday, August 20, 2011

Square Grouper

I am very fond of the Square Grouper on Cudjoe Key, but the Wall Street Journal needs to taste the Key Lime Pie at Parrotdise up the road on Little Torch Key.

Besides we had our minds on a different dessert entirely.

Dolly and Robert met us for dinner and a planned round of miniature golf on the refurbished course at Boondocks. Dinner and conversation were so prolonged that we ended up canning golf which was a disappointment for me as I had been looking forward to it, but it was a work night for my wife and she has a tendency to overdo things.

Our server was Kerri and I know that spelling because at Square Grouper they have paper table cloths and wax crayons and she wrote her name in front of me. Service was prompt and with a smile which was good.

Dinner was elegant and delicious and and fun but it was pudding that was the point of food discussion- chocolate fondue.

Being as I am a man I wanted milk chocolate but got voted down, en masse and had to suffer through a pot of melted dark Belgian chocolate, dipping rice crispy treats, bananas, strawberries and pineapple chunks into the communal chocolate pot. My favorite are churro chunks, deep fried Mexican pastry...

Square Grouper is the place everyone should eat at least once but the odd thing is, it's easy to drive by at Mile Marker 23, and not notice a thing.

The building looks like a barn, advertising a beauty salon, oddly enough but inside it is warm and welcoming and lovely. And very popular, deservedly.

The name comes from the ironic designation of bales of marijuana frequently found abandoned and floating particularly in the 1970's. Go to lunch or dinner and check the photos in the loo.

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Garythetourist said...

The Square Grouper was my family's favorite "new find" during our 2011 trip. (Well, at least it tied with El Mucho)

Chuck and the Pheebs said...

TSG is one of the very best restaurants in the Keys. The only reason we don't heat there frequently is a function of living a pedestrian life, with fuel tank fillings every three months - empty or not.

Rob said...

I love TSG, especially TSG Stew. My parents live four houses down on La Fitte drive, so I make sure we go for breakfast and dinner when I visit.

Conchscooter said...

I skipped the stew this time which I rather regretted. but anything is good from square grouper, as we all seem to agree!