Saturday, August 20, 2011

Signs And More Signs

A colorful sign hard to miss, but I have to confess I was surprised to see the Masonic symbol on the bottom left-hand corner. Do Freemasons have a lodging handshake as well?

Stained glass of an elaborate nature is rare to see nowadays and I spent a little time contemplating this window. And the nature of the immortality of Fame. Cardinal John Henry Newman started out a Protestant, became a Catholic and died a Cardinal in 1890. Last year he was beatified and he is his name on a Methodist Church.

Beware of the dog, a banal and generally ugly sign on so many fences in this case made amusing by then other sign indicating the fearsome creature begs to be let out. Take him for lots of walks, I say, and like mine he will be delighted to be home.

A nicely gnawed sign here. On Duval Street where tourist traffic is highest, who cares? Not this lot.

Okay, I have a beef here. Nice shop good food, and it's not their fault but in Italian "panini" means sandwiches. One 'panino' is a single sandwich. To order a "panini" grates on my ears. Sorry, but it does.

Miracle of miracles, a recycling bin next to a trash can actually on. Duval Street. In a town that refuses to recycle this is nothing short of astonishing.

An actual miracle, more powerful even than the suggestion that the Blessed Cardinal Newman cured a deficient spine in a believer. A simple recycling bin. Wow! Watch out Seattle, Key West will soon be as green as you. Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves...

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Len said...

Did you notice if there was anything in the bin? Are there recycle bins next to all of the trash cans or just a few?

Hopefully they get used and this is the start of something good.

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Conch:

I could answer your question about the Masonic sign, but then I'd have to kill you. Regarding the "Newman" Methodist Church, how do you know it isn't "Alfred E. Neuman" Methodist Church? As a Catholic, I feel compelled to ask this.

Fondest regards,
Twisted Roads

Conchscooter said...

Len: I'd like to think there was but I didnt look in. The recycle cans seem randomly placed and I dont know who knows when to empty them.
riepe: you're right, it probably was alfred. As an ex-catholic it makes more sense to me.

Anonymous said...

Key West has at least two Masonic Lodges. One "Prince Hall" Lodge which is a traditional African American Masonic Lodge and a traditional white Masonic Lodge (remember that Freemasonry is the world's oldest fraternity with its foundation in the Middle Ages and unfortunately they still have separate lodges, although I understand that any Mason can attend any lodge meeting regardless of race.)

Bob from Livingston Montana