Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cat Food

Sometimes it takes walking with a plant lover to learn to appreciate once again the simple joys of botany in Key West.

My plan had been simple enough, to take Thérèse to breakfast in the most evocative (and pricey) of Key West eateries in Bahama Village. On the way to Blue Heaven we were distracted hither and yon by plants, for such is her delight.

She was quite interested in the Hemingway House but happily hunger prevailed and we kept walking. I took her on a circuitous route to breakfast because I figured she would enjoy the walk and she is pretty impervious to heat. She works for the United Nations and neither humidity nor flying bullets are generally too hot for her in the odd places in Africa where she frequently lands.

It wasn't too humid and flying bullets were in short supply so the walk turned out rather well. Including a close encounter with a bottle brush plant (I think that's it's name).

A fine Conch cottage with a nice hedge, a soaring palm tree and the benefit of off-street parking is a thing of beauty.

"Ooh look," she said in fluent American-English, fluent because she did spend a great deal of time in the US in years past. And I looked and there was Art, lurking.

Les chats artistiques struck a chord too so I took a picture.

These bowls set in a lovely green lawn were put out for real cats, not artworks. And they were wiped clean, by the hungry feral buggers.

It seems there are quite a few in the bushes of this alley.

I think feeding cats abandoned by people is a laudable endeavor. Did not Christ himself suggest that giving a glass of water in His name would garner the giver a reward in Heaven? Giving cat food must be magnitudes of goodness more ample, don't you think?

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