Sunday, August 21, 2011

Snipe Key

Please go to for the proper story of our fabulous day at Snipe Key yesterday. Whence I stole these mementos of the day. Hey Chuck, you take nice pictures!I was without my camera and enjoyed a glorious day at the beach thanks to Wayne (above) and Chuck (behind the camera).

The tides were exceptionally low and miles of sand and mangrove were open to inspection. My wife and our French visitor spent most of the time in the water but Cheyenne got anxious when I trudged off for a swim so I spent the afternoon with her as was proper.Zuzu and Tootie, Wayne and Chuck's rescued Viszlas ran like crazy and kept Wayne busy keeping up with them which was fun to watch.

We sprawled in the shade and had a perfect Saturday in the Keys. Not too many other boats were there and Chuck got us home through tremendously shallow water without a bump. Great stuff and many thanks for a memorable day.

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