Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Beauty Of Age

They say there are more churches, per capita, in Key West than in any other North American city. True or not, most of these churches are quite picturesque.

Deeper into The Village we come across a former church, pretty as a button, converted into an art gallery.

And further along, an art gallery posing art gallery. I am astonished how many industrious art people there are in little Key West.

Sometimes art comes at us from a slightly odd angle, poverty of time or money or commitment perhaps. I cherish the old homes in their gravity and beauty and impermanence. In most places across the fruited plain old homes are a nuisance and impede progress. In Key West they occupy valuable land and annoying government strictures require a certain amount of protection for them. I am quite fond of government regulations especially for the old and the infirm and the uncertain. Be they homes or people.

I liked the mixture of colors below, but was reminded of the failure of the Bahama Conch Community Land Trust, the effort to preserve the old for the poor was taken into bankruptcy by good intentions perhaps but bad actions certainly. Court case to follow.

I was walking with Thérèse, my camera-phobic French visitor and she was enamored of the abundance of foliage spilling from this elderly home. She it is who has given my wife and I a number of potted plants to look after in our own garden. I am doing my best not to kill them.

Wild clouds, a palm tree and another perfect Key West skyline.

It's everywhere, age that is beauty.

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